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Since 1987, clients have trusted Alexandria to chart their financial paths. Our organization is designed to reflect our client-first philosophy and our commitment to helping you improve your financial life.

We adhere to high professional and ethical standards in the delivery of financial advice and services. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and inspire you to introduce us to your friends and loved ones, so we can help them as well.

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ThinkBrilliant Platform™

Alexandria’s Think Brilliant Platform™ is your financial dream team. We’ve brought together experienced professionals from various wealth planning and investment disciplines to form a reservoir of intellectual capital. Our team of portfolio analysts, managers, tax and wealth planning specialists deliver custom investment solutions and high-touch planning guidance that extends beyond traditional financial advice. At the heart of our offerings is our fiduciary mindset, ensuring that your interest is our highest priority and at the core of everything we do.

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TotalWealth Solution™

TotalWealth Solution™ is a comprehensive experiential planning system that leverages all of our in-house knowledge, including but not limited to private banking and trust services, advanced tax and estate planning, and custom portfolio design capabilities that dynamically evolve with your life.

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Investment Philosophy

Our investment doctrine is built on four pillars that enable us to optimize the experience of all those that have placed their trust in us to help protect and grow their wealth.

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Principled Decision-Making
Four crucial principles drive our investment philosophy:
  1. commitment to research and analysis;
  2. minimization of tax and cost friction;
  3. application of portfolio construction fundamentals; and
  4. customization of tailored portfolio solutions.

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Underpinned by Theory
Success in investing requires a disciplined adherence to research, reason, and evidence. Data suggests that markets at times exhibit inefficiencies that can be identified to produce risk-adjusted returns, just as there is value in staying the course and remaining committed to your conviction when others panic and make impulsive and reactionary choices.

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Big Picture Thinking, Nuanced Focus
Our understanding of macro environmental factors like inflation, interest rates, growth, and secular trends shapes our approach to portfolio management and our thinking around returns across asset classes and industries. Additionally, our bottom-up approach focuses on revenues and margins, cash flow and growth projections, existing competitors and potential new entrants—and importantly, identifying risk factors and their potential impact over time.

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An Adaptable Approach
We are not dogmatic about how we implement our research in client portfolios, whether it be across stocks, bonds, ETFs, or other assets where our process and philosophy lead us to believe a valuation opportunity exists. Our duty is to uncover the best available and most suitable investments in the global marketplace and create long-term value for our clients.

Client Relationship Summary

The Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS) provides an overview of the types of advisory services we provide and how you pay. There is no "one size fits all" approach to your investments, so use this document as a starting point to better understand our services. For more information, contact us.

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