McMillan Asset Management to provide Portfolio Risk Management and Volatility Capture Strategy to Alexandria Capital

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McMillan Asset Management to provide Portfolio Risk Management and Volatility Capture Strategy to Alexandria Capital

TARRYTOWN, NY – January 27, 2017 – Alexandria Capital, LLC announced today that it had finalized an agreement with Larry McMillan, founder of McMillan Asset Management, to offer his portfolio risk management solutions to Alexandria’s clients on an exclusive basis.

“Larry McMillan is an icon. Over the course of his 35 plus years researching and trading options, he’s probably educated more people on options than anyone you can think of,” stated Augustine Hong, CEO of Alexandria Capital. William Brodsky, the Executive Chairman & CEO of Chicago Board Options Exchange had echoed a similar sentiment in the past: “Larry McMillan has made significant contributions to the options industry…by being an advocate for the value of options in investing and portfolio management. Through his book…Larry has given investors the necessary tools to understand and use options.” John Bollinger of Bollinger Bands fame had also agreed, “His book, Options as a Strategic Investment, is the standard options reference in our office, and he is the source I turn to whenever I have an options question.”

“We are elated to be adding Larry’s expertise to the growing base of our Think Brilliant PlatformTM. The platform’s purpose is to bring together diverse, exceptional and complementary portfolio management skill sets to achieve greater investment results for our clients,” exclaimed Augustine. Larry McMillan shared Augustine’s excitement with this comment: “Alexandria’s ability to appreciate our advanced quantitative trading strategies that protect investors during extreme market volatility, and create additional income during the more normal market conditions, convinced us that they knew what they were doing and gave us the confidence to make our services exclusive to Alexandria.”

McMillan’s Risk Management and Volatility Capture Strategy will join Alexandria’s Multi-Manager ETF-based strategy managed in a collaborative fashion by the firm’s Washington DC team and Growth At A Reasonable Price (GARP) and other custom portfolio strategies, managed by Gerald Levitz and his research team in New York. Mr. Levitz is himself a published portfolio manager with over 40 years of economic and securities research experience. “There are more choices for the investing public when it comes to choosing an investment advisor, but having the luxury of benefiting from someone like Larry McMillan, should make that decision simple. Moreover, when you consider the collection of investment ideas from our Think Brilliant PlatformTM and offered by fiduciaries with no sales agenda, that decision should be a slam dunk,” opined Augustine.

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Alexandria Capital:
Augustine Hong (914) 251-2940
McMillan Asset Management:
Larry McMillan (703) 878-9050

About the transaction parties:

Alexandria Capital, LLC is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm that provides a broad range of wealth management and investment services to high-net-worth individuals and families, trust, foundations, endowments, and pension plans, both in the US and abroad. The firm is represented by some of the industry’s most talented and successful financial professionals with extensive experience across multiple disciplines. For over a quarter-century, Alexandria has been serving the needs of its’ clients by adhering to its commitment to research, innovation and the belief that our clients come first in everything we do. Alexandria’s success has frequently been recognized by leading arbiters of our industry such as Barron’s, Bloomberg, Medical Economics, Financial Advisor Magazine, and Washingtonian. For more information on Alexandria Capital, visit

About Larry McMillan, McMillan Analysis Corp. dba McMillan Asset Management

Larry McMillan is a noted author, educator, researcher, and portfolio manager. Larry’s book, Options as a Strategic Investment is now on its 5th edition/printing and considered the most important treatise on the use of options in portfolio management.

McMillan Asset Management is the investment management arm of the McMillan Analysis Corp. The firm is founded on its research, analytics, and options trading capabilities. Currently, their research and analysis can be found on the following news, media, print and other financial mediums (samples below): features multiple McMillan Analysis Corp. publications including The Option Strategist Newsletter and Daily Volume Alerts. Articles by Lawrence G. McMillan’s are also periodically featured on the website.

Lawrence G. McMillan provides the Market Summary and Analysis for the CBOE’s Futures in Volatility monthly newsletter and frequently speaks at various CBOE conferences.

Lawrence G. McMillan writes the Market Watch Options Trader for on a weekly basis. Other articles and studies written by McMillan are also featured on the site periodically.

Each week, McMillan Analysis Corp. provides our proprietary put-call ratio charts and unusual option activity data for the Barron’s Striking Price column. Lawrence G. McMillan is also a frequent contributor to the column.

Lawrence G. McMillan is a frequent guest and contributor on various CNBC shows.

McMillan Analysis Corp. and trading platform eSignal have partnered on various endeavors throughout the years. Larry currently provides content to the eSignal Blog and periodically provides additional articles.