The Confused Investor

My wife was planning on taking me shopping for kitchen cabinets this coming weekend, so I set off to learn as much as I could about doors, concealed hinges, silent closing drawers and any other beveled-faced terminology I could find and “all of which I could do without” before the main event. I was preparing  Read more ➝
I can do it

Do Startup Entrepreneurs need a “Quit” Strategy?

I feel very qualified to answer this question as I’ve had some success as an entrepreneur and builder of businesses, but certainly not without experiencing some bumps and even a monumental failure along the way. The question, however, was deeper and more existential than I had initially contemplated.  It forces you to define what an  Read more ➝

Financial Advisor’s World of Acronyms (Alphabet Soup)

A few nights ago, my son Marcus asked me what I did at work. “Are you a CPA or something…?” As if he knew what that meant. He’s just a 14 year-old who’s trying to make sense of the world around him. While he knew his dad worked in “finance,”  he didn’t really understand what I do for  Read more ➝