Asset Management


“Success in life is achievable if decisions are based on a sound philosophical foundation shaped by reason and evidence,” declared Ayn Rand, a noted philosopher and writer.

We agree. Success in investing, as in life, is largely predicated on this conviction. For the better part of the last 25 years, Alexandria Capital has recognized the wisdom of the Nobel laureates, Harry Markowitz, William Sharpe, Myron Scholes and Eugene Fama, and of contemporary investment gurus like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and David Swensen. While no one methodology rules our thinking, we believe that markets at times do exhibit inefficiencies that can be identified to produce superior risk-adjusted returns, just as there is value in maintaining investment discipline when others are panicking and nervous.

Most importantly, it is in the application of our collective and diverse intelligence that separate us from our competition. We do not try to force everyone to drink from the same fountain. We custom design solutions to provide an investment experience and outcome specific to your needs and wants. A simple cookie-cutter approach using a quantitative algorithm or a passive ETF strategy may not be enough for some, as an array of alternative investments with active strategy may be overkill for others. Experience, intelligence and ideas are the tools we use to help you achieve your life goals. As long as we have clients with different size bank accounts, ages, dispositions, lifestyles, and belief systems, we will thoughtfully consider and evaluate portfolio design options based on the strengths inherent in the available and varied investment styles and approaches.

  • RISK

    Risk is managed through extensive diversification of securities classes, markets, capitalization groups, economic sectors, industries, and individual securities as well as being sensitive to both market and individual security price levels.
    – Investment committee-based decisions
    – Macroeconomic review of anomalies and historic paradigm shifts
    – Proprietary portfolio & risk management control

  • COSTCosts have a direct correlation to how advisers serve clients. Alexandria is a fiduciary adviser and as such, we are transparent on all costs and only make recommendations that are absolutely in the best interest of our clients.
    – Transparent portfolio cost structure
    – Use of individual securities
    – Use of index-based exchange traded funds
    – Competitive portfolio management fee structure
  • RETURNAlthough an investment portfolio’s return reflects some factors that are beyond the typical investor’s control, Alexandria seeks return by understanding the factors that drive market cycles and participating in the favorable multi-year portions of the cycles by tactically investing in undervalued companies, sectors, and classes.
    – Asset Allocation determined by investment time horizon, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance level
    – Periodic and Tactical Rebalancing of Asset Class
    – Securities analysis and selection

These strategies seek ALPHA with low correlations to traditional asset classes and are designed to complement portfolios.

These are research driven, actively managed strategies focused on identifying unique investments that are not adequately captured in broad market indices.

Factor-e strategies attempt to enhance risk-adjusted returns through exposures to broad, historically persistent drivers of return. e strategies rely on the science of capital markets and the decades of empirical research data identifying factors affecting portfolio returns across various phases of the market cycle and economic climate.

*Our investment offerings do not rely on one school of thought, but rather a collective intelligence of myriads of exceptional thoughts.


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