401(K) Plan Design


The energy, combined with decades of specialized experience in the 401(k) world makes us uniquely qualified to take the lead as fiduciary advisors in guiding clients through the complicated process of setting up 401(k) plans for their employees. From initial plan strategy and design creation to governance and compliance management, we make sure all the pieces are connected and functioning correctly. Other very important functions Alexandria performs includes professional investment management, administration coordination, and participant education.

Success formula

  • Professionally managed investments
  • Fiduciary governance protection††
  • Best-practice plan design
  • Participant education/consultation
  • State-of-the-art recordkeeping
  • Transparent fees

How we do it

  • Fiduciary advisors
  • Experienced, over 20 years
  • Partnerships with only like-minded, client-first TPAs, recordkeeping services, plan trustees, and plan administrators
  • Strong sponsor and participant education programs
  • Flexibility to suit your needs


Alexandria Capital provides professional investment management with the goal of helping both plan sponsors and participants meet their areas of responsibility. Plan sponsors have the legal responsibility to create and offer a diversified and prudently-selected fund line-up. Participants have the “responsibility” to build a well-diversified portfolio from the fund line-up. Their desired outcome is a portfolio that will match their need for investment return with their capacity and tolerance for volatility or risk. Alexandria Capital’s professional investment management helps participants easily achieve a well-diversified portfolio.

Acting first as the plan’s Fiduciary Investment Manager – thus relieving plan sponsors of the responsibility and potential liability for this role – Alexandria Capital selects and monitors funds from the universe of available funds. It is important here to note that we believe we are able to provide “better” funds than most of our competitors because we are not limited to a line-up of proprietary funds as are so many in the 401(k) marketplace. Instead we are able to select from the entire fund universe. We focus on low-fee institutional and exchange-traded funds, and employ accredited fiduciary standards as we make our selections.

Alexandria Capital next draws from the selected funds in the fund line-up to create model portfolios that offer a range of risk and expected return characteristics for participants’ selection. Importantly, we also provide plan participants with one-on-one investment education to help them make their investment selections as well as other beneficial educational tools.


Alexandria Capital’s Fiduciary Governance program is robust. In our service contract, we first accept our clients’ delegation to serve as their 401(k) plan’s Fiduciary Investment Manager under ERISA Section 3(38). In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 decision in the landmark case, Tibble v. Edison, this fiduciary protection is significant in that it relieves plan sponsors of the responsibility and potential liability for the selection and monitoring of plan investments.

Under ERISA 3(38), only banks, insurance companies and Registered Investment Advisors may serve as a plan Fiduciary Investment Manager. Alexandria Capital is an RIA firm; RIAs are those most frequently willing to accept delegation – banks and insurance companies are unable to serve in this capacity when they represent their own proprietary investments, as many of them do.

Alexandria Capital helps plan sponsors assemble their Plan Governance Leadership. We help them establish help them establish and manage an Investment Committee providing Fiduciary Training for Committee members and working with them to adopt a recommended Investment Policy & Fee Statement. On at least an annual basis, Alexandria Capital will meet with the Investment Committee and help it document that the roles and responsibilities of the Investment Policy & Fee Statement have been followed.

When Alexandria Capital serves as an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary Investment Manager to a plan, the plan fiduciaries need only document their prudent decision to hire us and that we remain qualified under ERISA 3(38). Annually, during the Investment Committee meeting, we help plan sponsors fulfill and document this obligation.

Alexandria Capital’s 401(k) plans each provide a variety of services to help plan sponsors comply with their other responsibilities under ERISA. Some plans include assistance in tracking eligibility and sending out participant notifications; calendaring, performing and documenting compliance tasks; and benchmarking plan services and fees. Plan sponsors may also choose to hire a Fiduciary Plan Administrator, to which they will delegate their fiduciary plan administrator responsibilities under ERISA Section 3(16), significantly limiting their potential liability.


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